Dr. Michael Repik

If you want to get treatment from us, you probably want to know a little about our practice first. On Pointe Medical, is ran by Dr. Michael Repik, D.O.. He is a proud graduate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. There he learned about osteopathology and how alternative methods of treatment can be used to treat issues of the body. Dr. Repik went on from Philadelphia College to complete his residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the Pennsylvania Hospital. Here, he honed his craft and learned new and innovative ways to help the people of Philadelphia, PA.

Throughout the years, Dr. Repik’s passion for physical fitness and preventive medicine has not faltered. In fact, his dedication to the practice has led him to change many lives and eventually led him to work in the weight loss field. Today, millions of American struggle with their weight and their desire to lose weight. Luckily, there are physicians, such as Dr. Repik devoted to help patients learn and find new ways to a healthier and better way of living.

It is Dr. Repik’s goal to meet each client with understanding and support. He genuinely wishes to see positive changes in each of his clients and hopes that through hard work and perseverance he can see those goals met. Specifically, Dr. Repik is focused on his client’s health and how their weight interferes with it. It is known that with a healthy diet and regular exercise commitments, health is significantly improved. Dr. Repik wishes to see all of his clients receive the treatment they need in order to reach their weight goals and become healthier human beings.

Though dedicated to the practice of medicine, Dr. Rebik is also a lover of comedy and exercise. When he is not attending to the needs of his clients he is eating healthy, exercising regularly, and performing stand-up comedy.