Medical weight loss through the On Pointe Medical provides focused weight loss options for those searching for a program that can help them achieve their weight goals and meet their individual needs. This specialized program incorporates new and innovative methods of weight loss, combined with education, exercise techniques, and nutritional tips. With these techniques and our supportive services, we can assist our clients to each their goals and reach a healthier style of living.

We at On Point Medical, know that weight loss can be difficult. When weight accumulates and you lack the ability to get rid of it with just exercise, it may seem like an uphill battle that your just can’t win. However, just because weight loss might be difficult, doesn’t mean that you have to go at it alone. At On Pointe Medical, we offer a variety of supportive one-on-one weight loss coaching for all of our clients. We use this measure to ensure that none of our clients feel overwhelmed by the process of losing weight. With our kind representative, helping and guiding our clients to healthier ways of living, our clients are more likely to stick with their goal and lose the weight!

Along with our coaching and education, we provide our clients with advanced technology and and cutting-edge techniques. At On Point Medical, we offer our clients five different weight loss options. These options are all applications of medical practices to create a weight loss program that can be successful for our clients. One of our many methods to help clients lose weight is our weight loss supplements. Designed to curb hunger, this method has proven successful with a large group of our clients. For instance, if our clients aren’t hungry, they are less likely to eat and thus will lose weight! It is that simple!

Our practice also uses other methods such as FDA-approved medications. We primarily utilize two types of medical aids, appetite suppressants and Lipo-B injections. Both medications are non-invasive and help to prevent over-consumption. Though we provide these medications, we also offer counseling for both behavior and monitoring to see the effects of our treatment. During our monitoring services, we watch to make sure that our clients are getting the exercise they need and observing the effectiveness of our methods of treatment.

To find out if you are a candidate for our medical weight loss program, call our Riverside office today and schedule an appointment. We can help you reach your weight goals and welcome in a new beginning!